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Mini-piling and underpinning foundations

PilingCarnon Contracting can undertake traditional and mini-piling in almost any situation.

Most of this type of work is to secure properties suffering or at risk from subsidence or land slip. Again, the range of equipment we operate enables us to complete projects with difficult access and in confined spaces. Our Holman Unitrack, for instance, can even enter a property through a standard doorway.

Steel-cased mini-piling and traditional piles are used for transferring foundation support to a firm underlying strata. This is ideally suited to filled or contaminated ground and soft or water-bearing subsoils. These systems provide an economic and reliable solution.

Piling and mini-piling are common choices for new build/underpinning schemes. The above systems are particularly suitable for us in Devon and Cornwall.

Piles between 85mm and 200mm diameter are installed using rotary drilling techniques up to 2m deep by our experienced and skilled workforce.

Our clients for this type of work include private house owners, developers, engineers, surveyers, loss adjusters, local authorities and major private organisations such as Railtrack and the Environment Agency.

Carnon Contracting’s major clients include AMCO, Cornwall Council, the Environment Agency, Mulberry Group and Solar Century as well as smaller construction companies and private individuals.

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