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Ground source heat pump ground capture systems

Carnon Contracting installed its first ground loop system for heat pumps at the National Forest Millennium Discovery Centre in Leicestershire in the spring of 2000. Since then the company has been involved in the installation of a variety of projects involving ground source heat pumps, specialising in all aspects of below ground installation.

Ground source heat pumpCarnon Contracting has become experienced in the installation of horizontal and vertical loop arrays and all the associated pipework to the pump location.

The company has installed systems from single bore hole domestic installations to systems involving over forty bore holes for large corporate client projects.

Carnon Contracting is accustomed to carrying out all the below ground work required, including bore holes to depths in excess of 70 metres, installing and grouting the vertical loops, trenching and pipe fitting, and charging and commissioning of the ground loop.

All the pipe work we use is HDPE or MDPE pipe, with a design life in excess of at least fifty years. All joints are made by electro fusion techniques.

During the pipe work installation procedure the system is pressure tested to ensure its integrity.

We will liaise with your chosen heat pump supplier to ensure correct matching of the heat pump to the ground source collector system.

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