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Commercial scale solar PV ground mount installations


Solar PV installation at Wheal Jane

Part of the Wheal Jane Solar Farm

Since the beginning of the solar PV gold rush in 2010, Carnon Contracting has been a leading force in the construction of commercial scale solar farms.

Commercial scale solar farm - Solar PV installationThe first large-scale solar farm to receive planning permission in the southwest was completed by Carnon Contracting at Wheal Jane on behalf of solar developer Solar Century. This was also the first solar farm to be completed and connected to the national grid in the UK.

Carnon Contracting has used and tested various ground mount systems and has in a short space of time achieved the reputation of a skilled, competitive and efficient operator in the field of solar farm installation and maintenance. All its solar PV contracts to date have been delivered on time and within budget.

Carnon Contracting has become a leading provider of solar PV installation and maintenance services in the southwest thanks to constantly improving methods and its unique knowledge of Cornwall and its geology.

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